The Charlotte Stone Heels That Encapsulate Me

Charlotte Stone Lenu heels
Front view
Side view
Back view

Over the past several months, I’ve slowly worked on developing and discovering my style as I am now a 26 year old (again, disgusting age to be) working in a professional office. When I looked through older outfit blog posts, I realized I was simply wearing individual pieces in tandem (seen here and here for example), not putting an outfit together based on my personal style. My outfits were extremely simple and boring—even as I was purchasing brand new pieces from Madewell, Mango, and Zara. However, since I’ve taken inspiration and advice from fashion TikToks (my favorite creators are still Kate from @readwritethrift, Heather from @pigmami, and @carlarockmore) and Instagrams, I found the three words that describe my personal style are girly, layered, and colorful! And there are few shoes that encapsulate my style better than the Charlotte Stone Lenu in the Kortman color way! I first saw aforementioned Kate wearing these Charlotte Stone heels with an equally as colorful pastel look many, many moons ago, and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. The shoes were sold out from the middle of last year til the last two months of 2022 and luckily (probably because I mentioned Charlotte Stone in my 2022 Holiday Wishlist) my partner gifted them to me for Christmas! Each heel is cloaked in five different color shades of a woven leather, which makes them absolutely perfect for all outfits. I chose Lenu of all the Charlotte Stone shoes because I’m in a short heel slide era and these heels are an ideal height for both work and night. Thankfully, they’re even more comfortable than they are adorable! I wore them for four hours at a fundraiser tonight and they were buttery soft under my soles and didn’t squeeze the sides of my feet at all. I’m so thrilled to have another footwear option that says I’m girly and fun, but I’m also a semi-classy bitch who knows which pieces work for me and my wardrobe! And to think I owe it all to TikTok…my favorite China should be proud!