The Budget Necklace

Delicate and classic are two words that describe my jewelry style. I used to be one to pile on the bangles and friendship bracelets 2 by 2 until my wrist completely disappeared. None of the bracelets were of quality or taste, but they were sported daily no matter the outfit. Over the past couple of years my style has evolved and I’ve taken on a minimalist approach in my wardrobe and accessories. I wear my beloved Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch everyday and I usually like to pair it with another dainty piece of jewelry. This necklace is a tiny, gold circle hanging from a thin chain that I purchased from Forever 21 for *gasp* $1. Literally one dollar! Forever 21 has some gaudy pieces of jewelry but they really nail it in the delicate necklace department. Of course the quality is sub par, but the designs of the necklaces are worth the buck. I’ve been wearing this necklace all the time and because it’s so small, it doesn’t clash with my DW watch. I highly recommend checking out F21 if you’re on a budget and in the market for some new jewelry!