The Budget Brow

If there’s one beauty product that really gets me going, it’s a good eyebrow product (or a foundation…or concealer…or bronzer…or lipstick…etc). Whether it’s a powder, waxy color, brow mascara, or pencil, I love an eyebrow product that can take me from 90’s Gwen Stefani (go ahead and see for yourself) to an almost-there Cara Delevigne. I’m extremely dedicated to my Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette, but there’s another product in the ring that already has me wrapped around it’s wand.

I’ve spoken about this product in a few videos already, but I haven’t fully discussed its sheer glory here on the ‘ole blog. The Maybelline Brow Drama in Deep Brown is a killer bargain for what you get. Long description short, it’s a sculpting brow mascara with tinted fibers in it that coat the brow hairs and make them appear fuller. Basically what I do on a daily basis is fill my hairs in with the Hourglass Pencil and then brush the Maybelline spoolie through the brows, which coats them with tint and also sets them in place so they won’t budge all day. If you’ve been wanting to try out the Benefit Gimme Brow for easy, no-makeup-makeup days but aren’t willing to fork over the $22, then I would highly recommend giving this under-a-tenner brow product a go!