The Boyfriend Blogs – Part 5

Tonight I sent Jacob off on his plane back to the middle of nowhere- 2,000 miles away from me. We spent nearly every day together this break and although I’m thankful for the time we had, I always feel like there’s never enough time. The days shed their skins quicker than I can type, our sunrises almost instantly turning into sunsets. And tonight our last sunset together came and went until the summer time. For the next four months, FaceTime will be our best friend, texting our romance. Long distance is tough shit, friends. It’s difficult and messy and painful and it kicks you in the nuts. No matter how I spin it, it will always hurt having to say goodbye. I began hating airports as soon as I attended my first semester of college. I despise the brutal “I’ll see you later” spoken through damp eyes and clutched waists. Time will always move to quickly and I’ll forever feel like the turtle in a race I’m not supposed to win. But nonetheless, Jacob is gone and I too will leave tomorrow. It seems like leaving gets more difficult each semester, my soul grasping for as much of my home as I can take with me. Unfortunately, one of the largest pieces will soon rest in Washington and the remainder scattered across HawaiĘ»i, Tahiti, New York, and New Jersey. What a pain it is to have so many to love! Or what a blessing. I don’t know. What I do know is goodbyes kick ass in the worst way and the only way to power through a long distance relationship is finding someone worth the damage and the heartache every four months. I’m glad I have my someone no matter what.