The Boyfriend Blogs – Part 4

I have another Q&A for the fourth installment of my Boyfriend Blogs and this one is an accurate representation of how well Jacob and I know each other (just kidding, we failed a couple of questions). For these questions, we answered for each other what we thought the correct responses would be. For example, each question asks about “me” or “I” and we responded with our own answers to represent the other person. Each edition of Q&As are sarcastic, funny and ultimately help us learn more about each other and share the facts we do know. I hope you all enjoy this!

I’m sitting in front of the TV. What’s on the screen?

Noelle: Football during the season so he can keep up with his fantasy team. He’s also open to watching anything new on Netflix unless it’s a show I recommend, then he doesn’t want to watch it.

Jacob: Probably New Girl or Parks and Rec…I’ve never seen those cause she recommends me watching them lol.

What am I good at?

Noelle: All athletic activities except tennis I would think? He’s also good at singing his favorite Disney songs and playing most of the games at Dave and Busters.

Jacob: Complaining all the time, but very good at taking risks and trying new things…She’s not good at the football game at D&B

What’s my favorite song?

Noelle: “Hey Kanaka” by Kaʻikena Scanlan or “Your Turn” by Common Kings. (“Feel So Good” by Chuck Mangione)

Jacob: I honestly don’t have a clue (“Snow” by Sleeping at Last)

Am I a morning or an evening person?

Noelle: Iʻm going to say morning person because he wakes up to work out and falls asleep really early at night.

Jacob: I’d say evening person cause I always wake her up in the mornings when I sleep over her house.

What did you learn from me?

Noelle: I’ve learned to be more open and honest and to try new things even when I’m too scared to.

Jacob: I learned nothing because the master never learns from the student lol.

What’s my middle name?

Noelle: He has three: Josiah Kealohakūpaʻaluaʻole Hiroo

Jacob: She has two: Kamalani Masako

I won $1,000. What will I spend it on?

Noelle: He would probably buy fancy bluetooth headphones, new cleats and an endless supply of Mizithra cheese pasta from Spaghetti Factory.

Jacob: She would probs spend it on makeup or clothes.

Who is the organized one in the relationship?

Noelle: I’m definitely the more organized one but I don’t like making the decisions.

Jacob: I’d like to say 50/50.

What’s my nickname?

Noelle: My nickname for him is Juju.

Jacob: No comment lol.