The Bookshelf Additions I Received for Christmas

Bookshelf additions

One of my worst habits is that I’m constantly buying books and not reading them. Actually, I read the first few pages or chapters and then I go back to whatever show I’m re-watching for the millionth time (usually Sex & the City) or napping for hours. But that stops this year (she says after watching Carrie and Big all day long) because one of my New Year’s Resolutions, which I actually want to follow in 2020, is to actually go through my book collection and read the damn publications! I have so many nonfiction books about social justice and incarceration and poetry chapbooks that I truly need to get through. However, that didn’t stop me from asking for more bookshelf additions for my birthday and Christmas last month (I know, I’m my own worst enemy apparently). Each of the bookshelf additions have been on my reading wish list for months or years (especially Prisoners of Politics) and I promised myself that I would finally finish them in a timely manner so I can get through the rest of my assortment. Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur is the activist’s own narrative about her life as a Black revolutionary forced to leave America. Assata is a highly regarded woman in the history I celebrate and I’m excited to read more about her in her own words. I’ve wanted to read Rachel Elise Barkow’s Prisoners of Politics since its publication last March because Barkow examines how to address mass incarceration in a data-driven way, not relying only on electoral policies. My mom bought me I Might Regret This: Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, And Other Stuff by my favorite Abbi Jacobson after a long-winded discovery of the book. Abbi’s show (with Ilana Glazer) Broad City is one of my absolute favorites and I’m sure her book will be just as wonderful and hilarious. I lastly asked for The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther by Jeffrey Haas because I’ve been enamored with the Black Panther as soon as I learned about his life and untimely murder. I’m hoping to gain even more insight into the man he was and who he could have become, had the US not executed him.