The Bonnet I Sleep In to Preserve My Curls

My sleeping bonnet

Yes, yes, I know I look like a floral Pillsbury dough boy, but I do what I must for my hair, okay? Last week, I shared my updated hair styling routine that makes my curls the most defined and voluminous they’ve been in years! I like to wash and style my hair at night, so the obvious question is: how does one sleep comfortably without crushing and flattening one’s locks? My solution is this obviously stylish silk bonnet that keeps my curls in tact and lets me toss and turn as I sleep. I purchased the Soft Silk Hair Bonnet (which comes in a pack of four for $12! What a steal!) from Amazon because I discovered that most curly girls and people with natural hair protect their lengths with a satin or silk bonnet to reduce frizz and create shine. I never wanted to style my hair at night because I would wake up with a tangled and frizzy mop of waves instead of my preferred ringlets, but this bonnet eliminates that risk when I go to bed. I simply diffuse, style, and wrap all of my curls up in the satin hair accessory when I’m about to sleep and when I wake up, my hair is as soft and smooth as it was the night before. The secret is that satin and silk create a slip between the hair and whatever pillowcase I’m using so that there’s no friction or rubbing. The bonnet doesn’t smash my head or give me a headache and when I want to shower but don’t want my hair to get wet, I simply push all of my curls inside and then cover the bonnet with my shower cap. I’ll also wear it when I’m doing my makeup in the morning and only take it off after I get dressed, so the clothes don’t pull on my hair either. For less than $15, these bonnets are a steal and an essential for any curly girl’s toolkit!