The Sketchbook for Budding Designers

Once upon a blue moon I desperately dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. I fiercely drew my sketches in notebooks and tossed them into my bed drawer for safe keeping. I religiously watched Project Runway and hoped that one day I would be a designer, presenting my work in front of fashion moguls such as Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and Heidi Klum. Nowadays, I’m more interested in the written side of fashion, mainly this ‘ole blog of mine and high couture magazines, tossing my design dreams under my bed like I did my sketchbooks.

Enter Fashionary: a sketchbook made for fashion designers with built in fashion dictionary and drawn in models. I picked up this book years ago when my dreams were still floating in the air. This book contains everything a young, budding fashion designer would need in order to get their basics in the design world down. From an index of every fashion designer in the world to the different types of stitches, Fashionary has young hopefuls in mind and on hand. The gray book is slim and compact, yet packs a punch as it’s filled with information and beautiful models ready to be drawn on. If you’re a hopeful designer, check out Fashionary; it has everything you need!