The Beauty Blender Boggle

I’ve tried many a beauty tool in the past few years and was awed by the Real Techinques affordable line, MAC eye brushes, and the Sephora face brushes. However, I’ve always had a nagging feeling that there’s a tool I’m missing. The popular pink sponge known as the Beauty Blender has been absent from my arsenal. Beauty bloggers and YouTubers have raved for years about this sponge applicator, but I never really saw the hype.

For Christmas, I was lucky enough to be gifted two BBs from my dad’s coworker Ashley and I was thrilled to try them out! The trick is to run the sponge under water until it doubles in size and then ring out any moisture before using it to apply products. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks to apply my foundation, but I think my technique is wrong. While I see many vloggers using the BB to achieve flawless full coverage, mine always ends up extremely sheer and the product seems to soak up. I think I’ll need to practice my application with the BB because I can’t wait to see my products come to life in a beautiful, natural way.