The Baylor Football Mid-Season Recap

The 2017 Baylor football season is halfway over and the Bears have had a difficult start. I don’t know if Coach Rhule and his staff predicted the team would go 0-6 and lose to teams such as Liberty and UTSA at home. I don’t know if they prepared for a pass-heavy offense with minimal help from the OL. I don’t know if they realized how tough it would be for the current defensive starters to adjust to a new game plan. I don’t have any of the answers as to how the team can improve as the season winds down, but I trust that each boy on the field is pushing as hard as he can and fighting for each point. Yeah, their record may read 0-6, but I’ve seen improvements on each side of the ball at every position some time since September. Even as the losses out gain the wins, the Bears continue to push for each stop and each touchdown they can gather. The brightest stars on the team are unsurprisingly underclassmen who will continue to make big plays and collect points in the future. With players like CB Harrison Hand, P/K Connor Martin, LB Clay Johnston and WRs Chris Platt and Denzel Mims, the future looks bright for Baylor football, even though today’s struggles seem never ending. I urge all Baylor football fans to stick with the team because when it all starts to click, you’ll want to be on their side!