The Battle of the Perfect Skin Bases

My two favorite perfect skin bases

Over the past six years of blogging, I’ve tested and worn many a foundation product. Some of them lasted all day, some gave me cakey/orange skin, but the majority did the job well. However, only two bases remain at the top of my list: the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Mosturizer in Ochre ($46) and the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream in Medium ($39). I started wearing the Laura Mercier product when I was a junior in high school (full rave here) after focusing solely on foundations, and the switch was dramatically positive. I was tired of wearing thick bases every day in HawaiĘ»i heat and humidity (the worst combination for my marching band days), so I wanted a new lighter tinted moisturizer that not only covered my imperfections but also felt light and natural on my skin. The base was the only one I would wear for the next four years until I discovered the beauty that is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream! This product has more coverage while lasting longer on my face and providing 50+ SPF so I don’t get sunburned throughout the day.

As a comparison, both bases are medium coverage that build up to full if applied in thin layers and blended thoroughly. I try to not use more than one small squeeze/pump of the products because they can tend to cake up if too heavily. Upon recent wearing of each base, I realized that the CC cream has more coverage with less product and the tinted moisturizer takes a little more to get the equal conceal. CC Cream also blends a bit better and looks smoother throughout the day, while the tinted moisturizer slowly breaks up around my face and can look oily. Using a primer, however, the Laura Mercier base is as flawless as the IT Cosmetics one. They each have a natural satin finish, which is what I like most about them. I don’t care for extremely matte skin, but I also have enough oil to not need a dewy finish. In terms of lasting power, IT Cosmetics also wins by staying strong throughout 10-12 hour days and the Laura Mercier one sticks around for six hours before it starts to break apart. If I had to recommend one of the bases over the other, I would choose the IT Cosmetics CC Cream time and again. The affordable base has great coverage that lasts all day long and keeps me protected from the sun. What more could I ask for?