The Backpack Wishlist

Although I often spend quite a hefty sum on clothes and accessories, I’m loyal to the handful of bags in my collection. I’ll buy a new pair of shoes or jeans any day over a purse, but backpacks are where I draw the line. While I stick with my favorite pink shoulder bag every day of the year, I would love to carry my belongings in a gorgeous backpack. I fell in love with the ChloĆ© Faye Backpack when it debuted a couple years ago and have looked for a more affordable and equally beautiful option ever since. The Kate Spade Cameron Street Hartley comes in a traditional schoolgirl shape, but I love the modern combination of navy, white, and sky blue. I would wear it with every outfit from casual school looks to traveling combinations. The Rebecca Minkoff Bree Leather Convertible Backpack is the closest to a dupe of the Faye backpack as I’ve seen yet. As I already have a few black bags I love, the elephant gray is the perfect shade for a new rucksack. I’m a huge fan of the size as it’s not too big or too small and would definitely fit my beloved leather notebook! Which one do you like best?