The At Home Mani Routine

Nail polishes and tools have been my weakness as of late. I’ve been painting my nails around 2 times a week and it’s become a really fun part of my beauty regime. There are a few specific products that I love to use whenever I give myself a home mani. To start off with, I usually clip my nails down to one length with my Revlon Nail Clipper and I file them with this Target 4 Sided Nail Buffer. The two in combination work wonders on uneven, long nails to make them uniformed and ready for polish. After my nails are cut, I apply the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover and lightly scrub the cuticles off with a toothbrush. At this point I usually wash my hands thoroughly to remove any excess cuticle remover and oil (which makes polish go on unevenly). I apply my favorite base coat, which at the moment is the Revlon Colorstay Gel-Smooth Base Coat in a thin layer and wait for it to dry before brushing on the color. My polish of choice at the moment is Essie Master Plan because it’s a chic choice that matches any outfit. I start in the middle of the nail and apply one stroke of the varnish before moving the outer edges to get a crisp, clean nail. This polish goes on opaque in two coats and I follow up with the NYC Quick Dry Polish in Grand Central Station to finish off the nail routine.

What are your favorite nail colors and tools?