The Albums I’m Listening to on Repeat

New favorite albums

If you’ve followed this little blog for a while now, you’d know that when I find musicians I love, I tend to only listen to them on repeat for years. I’ve stuck with a playlist full of Sleeping At Last, The National, Manchester Orchestra, William Fitzsimmons, and Daughter since I was in middle/high school and I only started adding musicians like Frank Ocean and Janelle Monáe when I started college. Recently however, I began branching out and listening to new artists or albums with whom I wasn’t as familiar and have discovered two discographies that I can’t stop listening to!

I’ve listened to Beyoncé’s CDs since I was in third grade (Check On It was my favorite) and loved the majority of songs on her albums until I AM…SASHA FIERCE (which I listened to with angst when I thought I knew everything about love at 12 years old) and slowly fell off the Beyhive. I’d listen to her songs whenever they were on the radio or on my Pandora channels, but didn’t actively pursue them as I did with my newfound love for Indie music. However, I still loved and supported her when Solange beat Jay Z up in the elevator and after the news about his affair came to light. With the release of her Homecoming album and film, I’m back and obsessed with her music, work ethic, creativity, and incredibly songwriting talent. Ugh, Beyoncé truly is the best of the best and she makes me want to be the most amazing version of myself as well! Three years after its original debut, she recently added her Lemonade album to Spotify (and all other streaming platforms) and I can’t get enough. Lemonade is one of those albums that truly showcases her insane vocals and the trauma she suffered while repairing her marriage after infidelity. I love every song on the album, but my favorites are “Pray You Catch Me”, “Love Drought”, “Sandcastles”, “All Night”, and the demo version of “Sorry.”

Lizzo is a new musician to whom I was introduced by Brandon after he sent me her video for “Juice.” I didn’t truly start listening to her music until the release of her new album Cuz I Love You, which is a damn masterpiece as well! Lizzo is so strong and funny and knows exactly what she wants to say. I love how her songs range from vulnerable to “let me dance my ass off to this in the kitchen right now.” You all know how much I hate dancing/clubs, but Lizzo’s music actually makes me want to dance in public! I obviously won’t though. She’s a powerhouse musician with body positive lyrics and I’m so excited with how successful she’s becoming! Did I also mention that she’s a classically trained flautist? My favorite pieces on her album are “Cuz I Love You”, “Like A Girl”, “Juice”, “Jerome”, and “Tempo.”