The 2019 Baylor Football Depth Chart

2019 Baylor football depth chart

Damn, it’s been a while since I wrote about Baylor football, hasn’t it? Remember when we beat Vanderbilt in the Texas Bowl and I was the happiest girl in the world? We’re only 34 days away from the 2019 season and I couldn’t be more excited or sad– excited because I probably haven’t loved any sports team the way I adore our football boys, and sad because this is my first season since 2015 where I won’t be in the press box every week! I’m extremely late to the news cycle, but I forgot to share the 2019 football depth chart that the team released on the Big 12 Media Day a few weeks ago. I’m always ecstatic to see the depth chart each season because it offers a glimpse into what the fans can expect to see in the fall. The Bears lost quite a few talented starters to graduation, so it will be interesting to see the strong (now senior) class take charge and lead the younger boys on the field. There aren’t many surprises in this version of the depth chart as we see many of last year’s starters return to the same (or similar) positions. Junior QB Charlie Brewer remains the leader on the field despite redshirt freshman Gerry Bohanon’s obvious size and talent. Although the depth chart no longer records the infamous AND between players at the different skill positions, perhaps we’ll see a few appearances of Gerry under center throughout the season. We’re extremely lucky that six-year senior WR Chris Platt landed another season of eligibility (I wrote about the announcement in January!) as his experience as well as that of junior Denzel Mims will come in handy in August. The Bears are still loaded at both WR and RB as many players are returning with exceptional experience. The OL is also stacked with returning starters and a few players who haven’t spent as much time in the trenches, so I’m hoping that those who have led in the past: senior RG Sam Tecklenburg and C Jake Fruhmorgen will encourage the younger players to step up when they’re needed. I’m truly excited to see what the defense will accomplish in 2019. There were so many bright spots last season that I can’t wait to see if they’ll build upon their strengths in the fall. Some of my favorite athletes are on the defensive side: senior DE James Lockhart, senior NT Bravvion Roy, junior DT James Lynch, and senior MLB Clay Johnston and I’m hoping that this group will accomplish even more this season! Regarding special teams, we had a few players last year who had many shining moments (so many blocked punts!!!) and I can only hope that they’ll do even better this season than in the last. Okay, can we hurry the next month up and get to the important part of the year?