The 2017 NBA Champions

With a 129-120 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday afternoon, the Golden State Warriors earned the 2017 NBA title. After 2016’s loss to the Cavs despite a 3-1 lead, the Warriors pulled themselves together (with a little help from Kevin Durant, right?) and got back to business. They dominated the first three games of the Finals, causing fans to wonder if they would sweep Lebron and co. in their own territory. Despite a three-game deficit, the Cavs found their defense and pulled a 137-116 victory to force a fifth game. However, Lebron and Kyrie Irving couldn’t carry the whole team on their backs and the Cavs buckled under Steph Curry’s layups and Durant’s massive power game. And even though I’ve protested Durant’s wagon-hitching on the backs of the all-star team, he was the difference for the Warriors in the final performance. Durant was named Finals MVP and the Cavs were sent home, unable to jump back on the lead. Another Golden State/Cleveland Finals over…now bring on the football!