The 2017 CFP Rankings Week Two

The second edition of the 2017 CFP rankings was released with a handful of changes within the top 10. While the first five teams saw no adjustments to their respective rankings, the lower five all moved up 1-4 spots within the poll. Georgia and Alabama remain undefeated at Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, each notching 24-10 victories against last week’s opponents. Each team will face a difficult SEC rival with Georgia at No. 10 Auburn and Bama at No. 16 Mississippi State. Those upcoming games could give the top two teams a run for their money with the threat of upsets looming. At Nos. 3, 4 and 5, respectively, Notre Dame, Clemson and Oklahoma each have 8-1 records on the season. Oklahoma’s last victory is the most outstanding as they defeated No. 11 Oklahoma State at Bedlam under Baker Mayfield’s record-breaking game. The Fighting Irish’s match up with No. 7 Miami will be the game to watch with OU’s home challenge of No. 6 TCU following closely behind. TCU moved up two spots after beating Texas and adding another win to their record. They will hope to destroy OU’s chance of a playoff opportunity when they travel to Norman. Miami and Wisconsin are the last two teams in the top 10 with undefeated records at Nos. 6 and 7, respectively. They will each face difficult ranked opponents with Miami challenging No. 3 Notre Dame and the Badgers facing No. 20 Iowa who comes off a fresh upset of Ohio State. Washington represents Pac12 with an 8-1 record at the No. 9 spot going into a bye week. No. 10 Auburn closes out the top 10 after a convincing victory over Texas A&M. They have everything to lose and everything to gain as they play No. 1 Georgia at home.