The 2017 CFP Rankings Week Three

Every team in the top 10 of week three’s CFP rankings either moved up or down a spot. While last week featured five stagnant teams in the top five, the results of their games caused this week’s chaotic rankings. Alabama took back its No. 1 spot after Georgia lost to No. 10 Auburn, dropping them six spots to No. 7. With Clemson’s victory against Florida State, they moved up two spots to No. 2 with a 9-1 record. No. 3 Miami is still undefeated, taking a giant leap into the top three with their convincing win over formerly No. 3 Notre Dame. Oklahoma notched another victory after defeating then-ranked No. 6 TCU, keeping a 9-1 record (*vomit* okay sorry I’ll go back to being unbiased). Wisconsin is the only other top 10 team with a 10-0 record besides Alabama following their defeat of formerly No. 20 Iowa, launching them up three spots. Auburn moved up four spots after defeating then-ranked No. 1 Georgia in a convincing fashion. No. 8 Notre Dame fell five spots after they lost to the former No. 7 Miami, adding another loss to their record. Ohio State pushed themselves back into the top 10 following their victory over then-ranked No. 12 Michigan State, leaving them with an 8-2 record. Penn State closes out the polls at No. 10 with their victory over Rutgers.