Thankful for Baylor Now More Than Ever

Thankful for Baylor

Although it was my dream school and the only one I applied to during my entire college search process against my parent’s suggestions, I passionately complained about Baylor every time I had the chance (and when the opportunity for criticism wasn’t presented, I created more). I was always angry at something the school had done to or required of me (and for good reason!!)—not enough diversity among students and faculty, only white authors in the syllabi, an outrageous number of non-major requirements (remember when I failed Poli Sci twice and got a D on my last try), grades tied to absences, outrageously priced mandatory textbooks, allowing Matt Walsh on campus, etc. However, now that I’m a semi-real adult and the world is crumbling and Baylor moved to only distance learning from March, I realized I too often complained about my university and rarely shared the people, places, and experiences for which I am extremely thankful. I’ve been in a constant state of gratitude for having a full four years on campus, whereas this year’s graduates don’t, so I thought I’d share a list of many, but not all of what I’m thankful for during and after my time in college.

  • Being at Baylor and in Texas was what I wished for in high school and that accomplishment alone should have made me more thankful than I was.
  • Meeting some of my best friends at school and having scattered groups of people I love in Texas (aka Lo, Jonathan, Stephanie, Jil, Krista, Leah, Wilson, Brandon, Adam, Aaron, Papa Jerry, Zach, Chad, etc.) was the best part of my time there.
  • I grew immensely as a writer, both in my essays and poems (which I didn’t discover a true passion for until my senior year) from my first through fourth year (this one and this one are two of my favorites I wrote).
  • For three years, I got to work for Baylor Athletics where I played a small, active role in the success of every sport. Working for football, both men’s and women’s basketball, and women’s tennis was my favorite part of the experience.
  • I had several truly wonderful professors who invested so much time and energy in me and my goals.
  • During my junior year, I worked in the press box at the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington! I did literally nothing, but getting to be in that space where I’ll probably never be again was amazing.
  • I grew up quickly after my freshman year because I moved into my own apartment and started working two different jobs in Athletics. Once I got a car and lived alone during my junior year, I basically felt like Waco was my primary home.
  • My politics and beliefs completely evolved even as I spent most of my time surrounded by conservatives. I think I became a quicker abolitionist and socialist because I decided I wanted no part of the politics I saw in so many others.
  • Waco has an incredible selection of food for being a semi-small town! Lo and Jonathan introduced me to some of my favorite places (Cajun Craft, Taqueria El Crucer, Homestead Heritage) within the three years we spent together, and I think about their dishes all the time.
  • Getting to live at most 15 minutes away from my best friends was a convenience I should have been more thankful for during the four years. I often miss sleeping over at Lo’s house when I was sad or deathly sick or to dogsit, eating lunch at least three times a week with Jonathan and Lo, picking up Krista and Leah for a spontaneous outing, going to the movies with Leah, eating dinner with Wilson, watching movie marathons with Brandon, and when I really wanted to roadtrip, driving to Spring to see Stephanie for the weekend.