Thank you Bernie, Again.

Thank you Bernie

Back in the summer of 2016, I wrote this post to say thank you to Senator Bernie Sanders after he suspended his presidential campaign and endorsed H*lary Cl*nton (aka one of the worst people to ever exist). I was devastated back then as Bernie was the first politician I ever supported. Four years later, Bernie once again suspended his second presidential campaign following a truly horrendous DNC interference (to nominate another of the worst people to ever exist) and voter suppression during a literal global pandemic. After the shitshow that was 2016, I’m not sad anymore at the electoral results; I’m thoroughly pissed. But that’s not why I’m writing this, is it? I want to collect my thoughts so I can say thank you to Bernie for everything he’s done for us, not only during the past two campaigns, but also over the entirety of his political career. Bernie has always advocated for the same policies, only evolving with the issues throughout the years. Some of his most popular ones are medicare for all, a green new deal, free college, expand social security, housing as a right, free childcare and pre-k for all, eliminating medical and student loan debt, criminal justice reform, allowing incarcerated people to vote, heavily tax the wealthy, reproductive healthcare rights, renter’s rights, raise the minimum wage, and invest in racial justice.

Over the past few months of coronavirus mayhem, Bernie is the only presidential candidate (and one of the few national political leaders) who’s actually presented a bold, comprehensive financial package that would help those of us who actually need it (instead of prioritizing corporate bailouts and slush funds), while also directly diverting raised funds toward grassroots organizations doing work on the ground. While Bernie was doing nightly round tables with politicians and healthcare workers about the pandemic, the other democratic candidate was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, all of Bernie’s and his campaign team’s (presidential) work came to an end today as enough Democratic forces instead rallied around Joe Biden (despite his obvious mental decline, telling people who question his policies to vote for Tr*mp instead, writing the 1994 crime bill, being credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women, touching and whispering to little girls on video, confirming conservative SCOTUS justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, publicly throwing Anita Hill under the bus, fighting desegregation, saying he would veto medicare for all, supporting the death penalty, voting for the Iraq war, supporting fracking, and long-term backing by Super PACS and Wall Street and Big Pharma). Bernie has always and will always be the right person for the White House, especially in a time such as this. Even though he didn’t win the nomination in 2016 or 2020 (it’s a little difficult when literally all of the cards are stacked against you), both of his campaigns pushed the Democratic party to the left (not even close to as far as they need to be) and because of his leadership, policies developed by organizers such as medicare for all, the green new deal, and eliminating student loan and medical debt have become popular in mainstream politics. I want to say thank you to Bernie for bringing young people like me into the political sphere and showing me that a better world is possible if we demand it. We will never forget his sacrifices and for him, we will keep fighting.