Texas and Oklahoma Possibly Leaving Big 12 Conference

Big 12 conference

I’ve never had or ever will have anything good to say about the University of Texas (the actual home of Satan) or the University of Oklahoma (Satan lives here too though) aka UT and OU, respectively. If I’m being super honest, I despise every other collegiate program in the US aside from Hawaiʻi of course, but UT and OU are two of the worst powers that be in all of the country. I’ll continue my hate spiel as I continue because the college sports news of yesterday focused on UT and OU potentially leaving the Big 12 Conference after their contracts expire in 2025. The Big 12 Conference, which we know consists of Baylor (obviously the best), UT, OU, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, and West Virginia (I hate them all for good reason), will probably suffer if not disband altogether should those aforementioned two universities transfer to a different Power 5 conference. The Houston Chronicle’s Brent Zwerneman dropped the news yesterday about UT and OU reaching out to the Southeastern Conference aka the SEC where horrific programs like Alabama, Florida, and Ole Miss reside to possibly join the conference instead. In his article, Zwerneman reported based on “a high-ranking college official with knowledge of the situation,” that the SEC could announce UT and OU’s additions “within a couple weeks.” Of course the report is from a nameless and faceless “official” so we should be wary of how invested we become in the news, but the potential departures of the two programs I despise so much would certainly cause shakeups or even a complete implosion of the Big 12 Conference. Many sports folks have ideas of what the Big 12 Conference could become should this report be validated, but I see no value in speculating until we know for sure. After the news dropped, Texas’ Athletic Department said “Speculation swirls around collegiate athletics. We will not address rumors or speculation,” and Oklahoma followed with “The college athletics landscape is shifting constantly. We don’t address every anonymous rumor.” If you’re interested in a longer and fuller story, please check out Dennis Dodd’s article on CBS Sports. And to be clear, I only care about what happens to my sweet Baylor Bears (remember this recent lovely news about Baylor Football?) and everyone else can touch grass!