Testing Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Cream and Gel

Testing new hair products
Testing the Not Your Mother's line

I’ve had the same handful of hair styling products on rotation for the past several months, so I wanted to switch up my routine after cutting new layers (see how I did that here). After showering and detangling my hair, I usually use the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner and top with my old favorite La Bella Super Hold Styling Gel + Coconut Oil, but I recently felt like that combination wasn’t giving my curls the all-day hold and definition I crave. A few curly hair girls I follow on YouTube recommended the Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk line, so I thought I’d try testing their Defining Cream and Frizz Control Sculpting Gel. Testing this line is much easier than that of Shea Moisture (my usual in-shower products) or any other popular curly hair brand because their products are reasonably inexpensive and accessible in most drugstores/Targets. In the photo above, my hair isn’t in its best, most curly state because I plopped overnight instead of allowing the ringlets to form naturally, but I also used these products in my “Blending Layers” post. What I want out of my hair styling creams and gels is softness, definition, and maximum hold so I don’t have to worry about accumulating masses of frizz as the day goes on, and I think this combination of products almost accomplishes those goals. I apply about two quarter sizes of cream to each half of my hair and brush through with my Denman brush to evenly distribute. After, I apply the same amount of gel to the halves and brush through again. I worked on testing the products on day 2 hair and freshly washed curls, and it looks like I had the best results on the former application. My curls remained mostly in tact all day and I had far less frizz around the crown of my head while using this cream and gel (as opposed to my old routine). I still struggle with frizz patches around the back of my lengths, but I think I need to work product through my hair as soon as I get out of the shower instead of on damp curls. I would highly recommend this line for any curly haired person who wants affordable hair styling tools that provide medium-strong hold and definition!