Target Bedroom Additions

Back in October I blogged about my updated bedroom decor including my beloved bedspread featured above. I splurged on a new set of pink sheets, fairy lights, and a comforter, but I wasn’t 100% in love with my purchases. The sheets and bedspread didn’t completely match and my bed wasn’t as fluffy and comfortable as I wanted. I know, I’m never satisfied…Angelica would be proud. Due to my weekend sleepovers with Reggi pup, my sheets grew increasingly brown (ick) and I was ready for a refresh when my friend Napua came to visit me last week. She helped me pick out GRAY sheets (which I surprisingly love), new throw pillows, a down comforter to stuff in my bedspread, and an extra blanket for coziness (it’s just the blanket I paired with my new chair in the living room!). Somehow the combination of the brownish pink comforter and the gray sheets tickled my fancy. I was actually stupid before and didn’t realize that I bought a duvet cover, which didn’t include the comforter inside. Once I stuffed the cover, my whole comforter became so soft and puffy! I’m in love. I added Opal Pink Tufted Throw Pillow and Opalhouse Pleated Velvet Dunbar Pillow for extra comfiness and color. When it gets cold, I love layering my bedding so I tossed the Project 62 Textured Faux Fur Throw on top as well!