Striped Sweater and Shorts in the Sunflower Fields

Striped sweater and sunflower friend
Striped sweater and shorts

J.Crew sweater (on sale!), American Eagle shorts, Kate Spade sunglasses, Kate Spade backpack, Hawaii Bookmark earrings

I’m always making Brandon drive me around the island and today’s adventure consisted of us trekking all the way to Waialua for the one-week-only sunflower field. When I moved to Texas for school, I learned that a 40 minute drive is like going from my house to Waikele: not a big deal. But here, that distance is quite a journey, so I’m lucky that Brandon puts up with all my adventure demands! For today’s trip to see the sunflowers, I picked my short sleeve striped sweater as the star of my outfit and styled the remainder of the look with some of my favorite pieces. I picked up this striped sweater on my most recent trip to Texas because I was instantly in love with the lightweight texture and colorful embroidered pineapple on the left part of my chest. Even though I already knew that I own too many blue articles of clothing, I couldn’t resist adding this summery piece to my stocked closet. I wanted to wear the striped sweater on this day in particular, because I knew it would match the sunflower field surroundings perfectly. I styled the top by tucking it into my new favorite pair of high waisted shorts from American Eagle and pairing the look with a pink duo of Kate Spade sunglasses and my everyday backpack. I think tighter tops look best tucked in to any high waisted bottoms and these mom shorts are just loose enough to balance the cling of the striped sweater. I finished the outfit with all of my regular jewelry, a bow scrunchie, and the most comfortable brown sandals I own. Of course, I couldn’t go without wearing my Mauna earrings in honor of all the kiaŹ»i protecting Mauna Kea today.