Spring Style Specials

Although I’m passionate about Fall because of college football and love Winter because of holiday festivities, Spring is hands down my favorite season of the year. The idea of a ‘new beginning’ followed by some spring cleaning and fresh fashion and beauty gets my creative ideas rolling.
Spring is usually full of pastels and muted brights and this year it’s no different. My favorite picks of the seasonal catalogs come in the form of J. Crew and Nordstrom. J. Crew’s idea of spring 2015 has lightweight knits, cotton chinos, bright blue accents, and classic pumps and ballet flats. The cover of the catalog (pictured above) has brought me loads of inspiration over the past few days. I will be scouring the website for the gorgeous bag on the cover and trying to match a lipstick to the one that the model is wearing. Nordstrom’s spring is similar to that of J. Crew’s in the way that everything is light, airy, and feminine. The brand’s magazine has images of models sporting thin sweaters, flowy blouses, loose pants, and minimalist jewels. My favorite picks from Nordstrom are in the form of some New Balance sneakers, a beautiful nude bucket bag, and a BB Dakota lace shift. Let the fresh start commence…