Spoken Word Poems You Need to Hear

I love reading poetry on a page, but hearing artists read their words in a coffee shop or on a video broadcast is even more powerful. Their rhythms and the way they fold their hands when reciting their lyrics shows their brilliance in real time. I discovered spoken word poetry through Jamaica Osorio’s “Kaona” and have researched other genius authors, inspired by her artistry. Sarah Kay was my next favorite as she and Phil Kaye rhymed their way through my soul in “An Origin Story”. I’ve followed her work ever since. In my attempts to become a poet and improve my pieces, I’ve searched through hundreds of spoken poems and fell in love with even more. Here are a few of my current favorites that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Rudy Francisco “Scars/To the New Boyfriend”

Sarah Kay “Useless Bay”

Kyla Jenée Lacey “White Privilege”

Rudy Francisco “A Lot Like You”

Adam Falkner “The Whitest Thing”