Snow by Sleeping At Last

There are two different types of songs: the catchy tunes that grow in popularity after repeatedly playing on radio stations and the ones that tug at your soul. They’re both easy to recognize. You know, the difference between the newest Justin Bieber song and the piece that makes you want to be a better person. It pulls the hair from your skin and knocks the wind out of you.

I was thirteen years old when Sleeping at Last released ‘Snow’ on the December EP in Yearbook. Eighth grade is one of those years where every emotion is heightened, every situation feels like an apocalypse. During my middle school apocalypses, ‘Snow’ was there for me. When I went through life changes, my song remained the same. As I grew up and times grew increasingly challenging, I always came back to ‘Snow’. Heartbreak, lost friendships, death and new beginnings have all been healed by ‘Snow’. The piece has seen me through my worst and my best- a tried and true friend. Relationships may change or fade, but I know that this song will always be there till the end of time.