Six Years of This Is Noelle

This Is Noelle the blog is six years old today! I can’t believe how much time has passed since I decided to create this space at midnight in my living room (with my dad snoring next to me on the couch). I was freshly 16 when I opened my Blogger account and I couldn’t have imagined then how much my life would change over the next six years. Since December of 2012, I’ve published 1,958 posts, marched in President Obama’s inaugural parade, got accepted to my first choice college, discovered the wonders of therapy, graduated high school, participated in protests, interned with the HawaiĘ»i Innocence Project, worked with a high school football team, spent most of my days with Baylor Athletics, found my passion with incarcerated people, cried/laughed/napped/ate a lot, shared my soul through poetry, and am on track to graduate college in five months. Although this blog won’t change lives, I hope that my passions have spoke to you all in some way and hopefully you’ve learned to empathize a bit with people about whom you may have had negative beliefs in the past. I hope by reading my heart, you’ve become a little softer and more compassionate and aware of the tragedies and injustices occurring across the world. I hope I’ve brought some daily light and laughter to your screens and I hope you’ll continue reading for the next six+ years!