Should I Make the Big Hair Chop Soon?

My last big chop

Yes, I know I look like a pastel Pillsbury Dough Boy, but I don’t care! I love this hat! Now that I’ve prematurely gone on the defensive, it seems like now is as good a time as any to reflect on my last big hair chop and contemplate whether I’m ready for a new one. I obviously look two years younger in the above picture as it was taken back in 2018, the day after I cut nearly six inches off my hair. I got my first DevaCut in Waco (detailed post here) and I was so excited by my results. My curls were bouncy, defined, and had a consistent curl pattern, which was the opposite of my hair before the chop. Less than two years later, I’m still working on maintaining my curls on an everyday basis by not washing as frequently, regularly cutting off my ends, and using less heat (the diffuser only comes out on special occasions now), but I still want my hair to look and feel even better. The last time I cut my hair at home, I snipped off almost three inches from the bottom layer and 2 inches from each smaller section. The goal was to add more volume and give my hair some shape, because the weight of my curls stretch the strands down. Although I love the way my curls have formed and continue to quickly grow out, I’m desiring a big chop again. I’m not sure if I want my hair extremely short (aka shoulder length) or at the same length of my first DevaCut/scary chop. Of course I’ll keep the layers and add even more to fill out whatever space is visible as most curly cuts require volume to look good. My hair especially grows like a weed since I’ve been chopping off the dead ends on the regular, so I don’t see why cutting off half of my lengths should be a problem!