Sherbet Shades in the Summer

Sherbet shades in the summer

Zara dress (old, last seen here), Uniqlo sweater, thrifted skirt via Savers, Kinn Studio necklaceGorjana necklace, Madewell shoes

At this time of year it’s far too hot to layer my outfits the way I normally would, so I’m reflecting on some of my looks from earlier in the summer after the spring transition. It’s no secret I love putting as many colors and textures together in each outfit, and this one was inspired by delicious sherbet shades you’d find in an ice cream shop! A couple of months ago I was directed to host an exhibit table at work and I felt it best to style an outfit that felt the most me as I met new and familiar faces. After attempting many different combinations of tops, bottoms, dresses, and skirts, this one was my eventual winner. I wanted to showcase my 3 key style words à la Allison Bornstein (3 word method post coming shortly!) aka colorful, girly, and layered so I could show exactly who I am through the clothes on my body and my accessories (hair accessories count too, obviously!). Bright pastel shades make me feel the most like myself and are the easiest to style my looks around since I have so many pieces in these color families! I started with one of my most worn pieces—my mockneck sleeveless knit dress from Zara (I don’t really shop at Zara anymore due to cost and trying to avoid fast fashion as much as I can, but I wear this dress multiple times a month and it quickly paid itself off in cost per wear) as a base and threw my lemon yellow Uniqlo cardigan on top. You’ll notice I often wear my sweaters buttoned only on the top button so the bottom of my top or dress is shown as I find they look most flattering this way! Instead of leaving the look at that, I wore this orange true wrap skirt I bought as a set from Savers, which apparently came from a small store in Samoa. The skirt opens pretty widely when worn on its own, so the dress was a safe layering piece underneath. I could have gone for my yellow Mary Janes, but I paired the outfit with my leather Madewell loafers for a bit more professionalism. But of course no braided hair is finished without ribbons on the ends, so I added my favorite pink ones and layers of necklaces. Professionalism be damned!