Sephora Formula X Top Coat

Ever since the launch of the Sephora Formula X Nail Polishes, I’ve heard many a blogger rave about the formulation of the varnishes. I already have a lot of different “finger paints” so when I stopped at Sephora the other day I decided to pick up one of their topcoats because I ran out of my favorite one from NYC. The Sephora Formula X Shine Top Coat has a lovely brush that covers the whole nail and adds an extremely glossy finish. The bottle is very chic as it is reminiscent of the Chanel Nail Varnishes with its square shape. Although I’m a fan of nearly all of its characteristics, I don’t think that this is the ultimate top coat for me. After only one day of wearing this over my favorite OPI Koala Bear-y, the polish immediately chipped on the nail bed and on the tip. My nails have never chipped that quickly or easily and I have to credit that to this top coat. I’m not sure if all of the Formula X polishes are that chip friendly but if they are, I probably won’t be picking up any other polishes from this line any time soon.