Sephora Favorites: Smith’s Rosebud Salve

There are so many different lip balm formulas and brands on the market from Palmer’s to Burt’s Bees to Carmex. At Sephora, the store houses multiple lip balms, and one of my favorites is Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($9). I used to always carry the tin version of the balm in my bag, but when I discovered that the same balm is housed in a squeeze tube, I literally squealed in the store. Dipping my fingers in the tub was really unhygienic, so when I found the tube version it was like all my germophobe wishes were answered! The lip balm is a thin texture that feels lightweight on the lips. It has a decent shine to it, which probably isn’t the best to wear under lipsticks, but it works wonders when worn to bed throughout the night. To anyone looking for an affordable lip balm that moisturizes and hydrates the lips, I highly recommend Rosebud Salve!