Selecting a Backpack for Japan

Selecting a backpack for my trip

Since I went to college in 2015, most of my trips and vacations have centered around flying back and forth between home and Waco (with the addition of 2 marvelous trips to New York City with my Hawaiʻi best friends Brandon and Parker in 2017 and 2018). Although I graduated 5 years ago(!!!!!!) now, I’ve still primarily only visited Waco to see my Waco best friends Lo and Jonathan as often as possible. This year will differ from the past as I’ll fly to Japan for a highly anticipated vacation—my first out of the country since I went to Australia in 2012! As if I don’t already have enough bags in my closet, I’ve been searching for and selecting a backpack to use every day in Japan. My research is focused on the most colorful knapsacks that are neither too big nor too small, can fit a water bottle, will match my always mismatched outfits, and can store all of my essentials + snacks, purchases, yen, and more. My selecting process has highlighted 4 backpacks on my wishlist as of today: the LL Bean Trailfinder Backpack in 23L, Lululemon Everywhere Backpack in 22L, Cotopaxi Dimi 12L Backpack — Del Día Kids, and Fjällräven Kånken Me Customizable Backpack. All 4 of the packs hit all of my selecting criteria with size and price differentials being the primary variance. I love the LL Bean color way and price thanks to it being a kids’ design and size. I wouldn’t worry about the bag fitting all of my belongings and a water bottle in either of the side pockets! The bright blue and orange would especially match my daily outfits and don’t remind me of any football programs I hate, so that’s a huge win to me. Yellow is one of my most-worn colors, and the Lululemon backpack is simple and precious. Because of its plain design, I would decorate it with lots of pins, patches, and bag charms to give it more of a Hallie in Parent Trap at camp feel. I’ve been scouring the Cotopaxi site for many moons because they have a mismatched color way in any size bag one could choose, but I’m most interested in the kids’ Del Día. I only wish Cotopaxi made a size in between kids and the 16L because I worry the former may be too small with the latter too big. Speaking of unique and fun color variations, if I were to choose a Fjällräven, it would be for the customizable bag option! I specifically chose these shades to pair with my outfits, and as much as I love the choices, I wish the yellow were a touch lighter and the bag a smidge cheaper! With any bag I’m selecting, at least they all have bottle pouches and some of the brightest colors! We’ll see which one I pick later!


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