Throughout the past few years, my family of four has slowly added new (furry) members in. It all started when my sister decided to adopt a stray kitten that was wandering around her high school, who we kindly named Moose. Moose was the first of the bunch to be adopted by my family but he certainly wasn’t the last. Our love for animals and pets was increased as Moose flooded our hearts with love and affection. When the opportunity arose to adopt a puppy, we quickly chose Samson (a Tibetan Spaniel-Chihuahua mix) a couple years back. Sammy became the baby of the family and he has been an incredible addition to our mix. Sammy is loving, playful and protective of his family so when we picked up our newest family member, Scout, he wasn’t too happy.

Scout was one of 9 pure breed Labrador Retrievers that came from one of my dad’s friends. When we learned about the possibility of adopting a white lab, my sister, dad, and I were ecstatic. Labs have always been one of our favorite breeds and desperately wanted to take one home with us. We visited the house where the puppies lived and I quickly picked up one of the girls who was shy and timid. I instantly fell in love with the small puppy but soon enough it was time to go home. My mom was against getting a new dog since she’s the only one who takes care of the other animals but she changed her mind while we were in San Francisco (yay!). When we got home from our trip, we took a detour to the puppies’ house and picked up Scout to take her home. She is a beautiful dog who is funny and loving with a bit of a rascal side. Sammy hasn’t gotten used to her yet, but I can’t wait until the day that they run around the backyard as best friends.