Saturn by Sleeping At Last

I’ve discovered many incredible musicians over the course of my life, but one in particular sticks out the most. Sleeping At Last (aka Ryan O’Neal) has been my greatest musical inspiration for the past six years. I fell in love with Ryan as an artist when I first heard his song “Needle and Thread” and my love affair with his music has continued. Ryan wrote the song “Saturn” as a part of his Atlas project and I instantly fell in love with it. Saturn is the most beautiful and exquisite song I have ever heard. The lyrics are magical and the instrumentals could transport anyone into space. I’ve listened to Saturn on repeat for the past few weeks and it still hasn’t gotten old. There aren’t many musicians that can tell a story through both instrumentals and lyrics and Ryan has continuously done a phenomenal job with both. Have a listen to Saturn if you’ve never heard it before. I guarantee you that you’ll fall in love with it as much as I have. It will change you.

“With shortness of breath, I’ll explain the infinite

How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist.”