San Francisco Trip | Ferry Building Farmer’s Market

Whilst we were in San Fran, we had to visit the Saturday Farmer’s Market held at the Ferry Building downtown. It’s become something of a tradition in my family to go to the market every time we visit SF, even if we’re only there for the weekend. The farmer’s market is filled with gorgeous flowers, delicious food, and fresh produce ripe for the picking. I’m a huge fan of the plums and golden peaches at the market and always leave with a bag full of the juicy fruits. It’s also fun to walk around and people watch as the locals always know where the great food is. A fresh lemonade, savory biscuit, or fried zucchini can always be found at the market and is amazing to find! If you’re in the Bay Area, you must check out the Saturday Farmer’s Market to pick up delicious food and have a great view at the same time!