San Francisco Day Two

Day two of our trip to San Francisco consisted of meals at my two favorite restaurants of all time: Mama’s and Gary Danko. We’ve been eating breakfast at Mama’s since I was in the single digits and it’s still my most beloved eatery ever. When we were younger we used to wait in line for over an hour to get into the restaurant but we’ve recently discovered the sweet spot of 7:30-7:40 a.m. where we can make the first seating! Once we get inside, we stand in line to order and spend an ungodly amount on breakfast food (which is the only food worth all that money) and pick too many dishes. I usually go for the classic bacon and eggs with a chocolate coffee cake to share. Today, however, I tried their corned beef benedict with fruit and we all split pancakes and coffee cakes. Their pancakes are heavenly and I would love to sleep on a bed of them every night. After stuffing our faces, we walked 30 minutes back to the hotel and rested until it was time for the grand finale: dinner at Gary Danko! Gary Danko is the fanciest and most delicious dinner location I’ve ever visited where it’s so luxurious we have to make reservations three months in advance on the exact date! Luckily we booked a spot and spent the whole night feasting on three courses and announcing, “this is the best meal I’ve ever had” after every bite. A full post on the restaurant is coming soon, so I’ll save the food photos for then! Now off to bed before Hamilton tomorrow!!!