San Francisco Day Four

On our last full day in San Francisco, we wandered around Japantown (Nihon Machi) with our cousin Nichole in search of cheap goodies at the dollar store, curry from any restaurant in the area, and unique beauty products. We started the day with breakfast from Tartine Bakery- one of dad’s favorites, but got sick from the croissant sandwich! Luckily we recovered from a minor bout of food poisoning before meeting up with Nichole in the Japanese food haven. We stopped by the $1.50 store where dad purchased seven fountain pens (“they’re only $1.50!” -direct quote, my father), I cleared out the chocolate mushrooms, and spent more money than necessary on kawaii products. I begged everyone to find a restaurant serving curry and it only took dad multiple Yelp searches and aimless walking in order to find a ramen shop with a legit curry bowl. We sat near the most obnoxious group of loud humans, who nearly made me explode with rage, but the curry was so delicious I would go back despite the freaking annoying people who ordered vegan ramen. Okay, mini rant over. Japantown is incredible and is a great spot to spend the day as it has dozens of ramen, bento, and teishoku available in SF along with cute shops and dessert bars. Although we were sad to leave the city, hanging out with Nichole and stuffing our faces with the best food was the perfect finishing touch!