Room Redecoration

I’ve finally finished my room redecoration and I couldn’t be any more pleased with the outcome! I changed my bedding from a dark gray to a white comforter with ruffles on top of cerulean sheets. The white bedding adds more light to my room and looks chic against my white furnishings. A huge addition to my bedroom was my solid wood desk. I’ve been on the hunt for a desk for the past couple of years and my bargain shopper dad found this amazing one for $20! It has a lot of storage and is huge, so I can store all of my school supplies and blog trinkets without worrying about space. I’ve decorated my desk with fashion books, magazines, awards, and beauty products to inspire me while I’m blogging. I shared my inspiration bulletin board on the blog before, but I didn’t explain my reasoning behind it. I decorated the board with gorgeous makeup looks, clothing inspiration, awards and certificates, and other mementos that remind me of days past. Of course I had to add my Baylor pennants around the room to keep me in check and remind me what I’m working towards. I purchased beautiful hanging lights for my room that I love to use in the night time. The lights are bright but add a nice glow to the room without being unbearable. The last additions to my room are possibly my favorite part. I framed a few of my favorite musical accomplishments and hung them throughout my room in order to reminisce and inspire me throughout the day.