Revlon Highlighting Palette

I’m not one for wearing highlighter everyday, but I’ve been applying this gorgeous shimmer cube to my cheekbones nearly everyday this week! Revlon’s Highlighting Palette ($8.99) comes in two shades: Rose Glow and Bronze Glow, and I’ve gone for the former to add a hint of color and sheen to the face. Bloggers and makeup gurus alike have been comparing this palette to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick ($42.00), but I definitely have more love for the Revlon one. Although I don’t own the BB shimmer brick, I’ve swatched it in Sephora and the chunky glitter that have come off are not appealing to me at all (sorry Bobbi, you know I still love you!!!). The highlighting palette comes with 5 strips of color and sheen that allows the user to customize her choice of glow. I’ve been using the bronzy shade in the middle in my inner tearducks and I’ve swept all 5 strips on my cheekbones for long lasting sheen. It’s not too glittery or shiny and it’s definitely giving Bobbi’s version a run for it’s money!