Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara

There are many beauty products that I constantly obsess over: foundation and lipstick as the main ones. For a while I ignored nail polish, bronzer, and mascara because they weren’t the most ‘glamorous’, but recently I’ve been invested in the search for the perfect mascara. After a few months of searching for a product that holds a curl, lengthens, and volumizes, I think I’ve finally found the one.

Enter the Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara in Black. This mascara is the best I’ve ever used. That could be an exaggeration but I’ve honestly never used a product as good as this one on my lashes. I have naturally long and semi-curled eyelashes, but I do like a good black mascara to plump them up and make them look extra amazing. This mascara is waterproof and the formula is filled with high shine black fibers, which coat each lash and make them catch the light on every turn. Overall for $8, this mascara does exactly what I want in a lash product. It really coats each individual lash and makes them look incredibly full and thick without clumpiness. Check it out if you’re in a local Target or CVS!