Remembering Waco One Year Ago

With my best friends one year ago
One year ago at Jonathan's wedding

Even though it was only one year ago, it feels like both forever ago and just yesterday that I was in Waco with my best friends for Jonathan and Urn’s wedding! 2020 made time completely irrelevant, but I’m lucky to remember these moments where I was happiest with my friends one year ago (read my recaps from my Waco trip here, here, here, and here). My life looked and felt fairly different this time last year as I had just started my jobs at OPD and the Star-Advertiser and I was struggling with worsening symptoms of my anxiety and depression (although you wouldn’t be able to tell from these pictures or any others I posted during that time). I was extraordinarily unhappy due to general loneliness, a boy (there’s always a boy, isn’t there?), feeling unqualified for my newspaper work, and constantly getting sick, so my mom convinced me to extend my Waco trip an extra week so I could be with my people for nearly 10 days! And within that trip one year ago, I felt happy as I’d ever been with Jonathan and Lo and my other Waco people I was lucky enough to reconnect with before and during the wedding. My four years in Waco were greatly formative and I believe that city to be my second home, especially since my best friends are there. I’m thankful that during that trip I got to spend time with so many people I love, ate different Waco-only foods I truly love and miss (Taqueria El Crucero, Cajun Craft, Compound, etc), basically have a 10 day sleepover with Lo, and begin recovering from my personal issues in a place that feels like home to me. Now that my Waco trip was one year ago, I’m in a much better emotional and physical state and Jonathan, Lo, and I are as close as we were when I still lived 10 minutes away from them (a tiny distance compared to the one we currently have that Jonathan likes to remind me about every chance he gets). I’m hoping that my next visit doesn’t take another year and that I’ll be able to see my people as soon as I can!