Reggi and Me

I’ve shared photos of Reggi in my previous 5 Things posts, but never explained who he is and why I was always with him. Reggi pup is one of my boss’ dogs whom I was lucky enough to dogsit every weekend in April and the beginning of May. Reggi needed a babysitter during the weekends his owner was away and my apartment became his home away from home in those times. I know this blog is meant for sports and fashion posts, but I write about the things I love and Reggi tops that list. He is the sweetest, most loving and playful pitbull I’ve ever met and I am head over heels for this baby. Reggi likes playing with his frisbee, going on walks, swimming in Baylor’s big fountain, sleeping on my arm, and giving kisses. He is extremely intelligent, obedient, and kind. He would sit with me on the couch when I watched tv, waited patiently for me to finish getting ready in the mornings before taking him out to potty, cuddled with me when I slept, and always posed for my snapchats. I am obsessed! I’ll only be away from him for three months, but it feels like an eternity! I guess this is how normal parents feel when they’re away from their demon human children? I love Reggi more than anything and he deserves a post dedicated just to his beautiful face! I can’t wait to reunite with him in August!