Rediscovering The National

The National is one of the musical groups that defined my teenage years (along with Sleeping At Last, Manchester Orchestra, Phil Wickham, and the Les Misérables soundtrack). When I fall in love with a musician or band, I listen only to their albums on repeat for weeks or even months at a time. Nowadays, I rotate between my 2000s r&b, local reggae, and Manchester Orchestra playlists while I walk to class or get ready in the morning. I still love those mixes, but I forgot how much I adore The National! For the next few weeks (I’m sure), I’ll be circling through every one of their songs with an emphasis on the “Trouble Will Find Me” album. Here are my favorite songs ever from the band:

Green Gloves

I Need My Girl

Terrible Love

This Is The Last Time

Daughters of the Soho Riots

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