Publishing Day for Megan’s Debut Collection

Megan's debut collection release

Last month I wrote about how my life goals have evolved (or maybe not evolved; say, disappeared?) as I’ve aged, and instead of hoping and aiming for big, lofty dreams, I desire an extremely quiet life of rest and no work at all ever! I no longer dream about substantial accomplishments and won’t ever write home about traditional life milestones (what is marriage? what are children?), so I’m more than satisfied with my wish for extremely early retirement and days full of naps and nothing. But whereas I don’t find aspiration in my daily life, my sister Megan excels, today making her lifelong dream of becoming a writer come true! Since we were little, my sister would write lengthy stories in college ruled composition books (I drew some pretty freaky looking models and clothes when I wanted to be a fashion designer) and often remarked that she’d write a novel one day. And although her debut book isn’t a novel (that one comes next!), she did what she always said she would: write and publish a book that everyone can read! Today is publishing day for Megan’s debut short story collection Every Drop is a Man’s Nightmare published by Bloomsbury Publishing (buy it or else!!). Megan wrote the short stories in this collection over the span of many years; writing and revising; receiving feedback; revising some more on her own, with her agent, with her editor, with loved ones, and again on her own. I’ve never written a book but I do write this blog every day and that can be both tiring and burdensome as hell so I can’t imagine the process of putting together a whole ass collection! A fun anecdote: I once took a short story prose creative writing course in college and I wrote what must to be the worst short stories in existence and I hated writing and reading every one of them! Short stories are impossible to me! I don’t know how she does it! End of anecdote. I haven’t yet read Megan’s collection, but I’ve read a few pieces I was lucky enough to try when she wasn’t HIDING every story from everyone ever, and I know she filled the book with beautiful language; diction thesauruses must love; and a powerful, unique voice only she has (have I mentioned how irritating it is to have a sister who writes like she does? When I also say I sometimes write? But it’s just this blog? LOL???)! I’ve never personally known anyone who has accomplished their lifelong dream like Megan has, and that’s a debut collection worth celebrating! Now buy the damn book!!!!


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