Prepped and Primed Nails Under $10

Perfect nails under $10

Although I adore a nice fancy manicure, I’m not always financially able to have one done! When I’m not getting my nails done at a salon but I still want to keep my fingers groomed, I like to give myself an at home manicure and pedicure. I’ve written about this type of DIY mini spa before, but I updated my kit with a TRIM Nail Care Kit that includes eight tools for only $9! The kit includes a nail buffer, toenail clipper, fingernail clipper, nail file, cuticle scissors, cuticle pusher, cuticle clippers, and a nail brush. I know nail care isn’t usually the top of the self-care list for women on the go, but there’s something special about taking the time to pamper yourself. I love recreating a spa atmosphere by turning on only the twinkle lights around my bed and listening to my favorite Frank Ocean music while soaking my fingers and toes in bubbles to prep for the manicure and pedicure. After softening my limbs, I’ll scrub my feet with my favorite Flowery Crystal Foot File and create a fingernail shape with the nail file. Using all four sides of the nail buffer next is important so I don’t wreck the integrity of my fingernails before pushing my cuticles back. A cuticle oil or cuticle remover would be essential at this step as it would dissolve any excess skin around the nail bed. I’ll push the remaining cuticles back with the long tool and then cut extra pieces off with the cuticle trimmer. I don’t usually use a fingernail or toenail clipper unless I’ve grown them out way too long as they tend to take off more nail than I would like. Instead, I reach only for the nail file and buffer! Once my nails are all clean and shaped, I finish the at home manicure and pedicure with a coat of clear nail strengthener and some body lotion! I should start charging myself for these…


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