Post-Holiday Season Fund Redistributions

Post-holiday funds to donate to

Shortly before my birthday and Christmas kicked off, I wrote about a handful of mutual aid funds and fundraisers I wanted people to donate to in lieu of gifts for me. It’s incredibly easy to get sucked into the capitalistic view of the holiday season where the only important part is buying and giving material gifts to each other, so I’d like to focus our attention on post-holiday giving that would make more of an impact than any luxurious clothes or hobby materials. Like I said in my previously mentioned giving post, I’m privileged enough to have two jobs (even despite upcoming furloughs), a savings account, supportive family, and a home to live in. I’m also blessed to have received even more funds post-holiday that would be better directed toward people who need it more than I do. Each of these mutual aid funds and fundraisers are for people in America, all of whom have been or are currently impacted by incarceration (because that’s the issue I’m most passionate about). Critical Resistance is raising funds for an incarcerated comrade in Pennsylvania who wants to distribute life-saving PPE to fellow caged people in the same facility. COVID has truly ravaged people in America’s jails and prisons and the Bureau of Prisons and Departments of Corrections have no incentive or motivation to provide people inside with the protection they need to stop the spread of COVID. This fund will help so many incarcerated people in Pennsylvania stay safe and protected from such a lethal virus! One of my abolitionist Twitter friends has been raising money for Ms. D, a Black trans woman adjusting to life outside of prison, for several weeks now. According to @Schlemieli, “Ms. D has experienced extreme anti-Black and transphobic violence, forced to move from one unsafe housing situation to another.” Anyone interested in supporting and uplifting our Black trans women loved ones and especially those transitioning out of the violence from incarceration, this fundraiser is a perfect way to show solidarity! Remora House DC is raising money to pay for survival clothing and accessory pieces as well as donations of the physical items for people with housing insecurity in DC! People need homes and safe places to stay at night, so please consider donating to their cause! It’s easy to sucked into the bubble of gifts and decorations during and post-holiday, so let’s instead give what we have to our neighbors and communities!