Poems in November

The poems I’m reading and watching this month focus on tenderness and loss and finding peace in the midst of terror. While none are from Clint Smith this month (first time ever!), I’ve discovered new pieces and authors that have touched the deepest parts of my soul. The first poem illustrates the moment after passion in the most beautiful way. Entitled “After Making Love in Winter” by Sharon Olds, the poem illustrates the breath, the chill, the calm, the love and every feeling in between. June Jordan’s “Poem for my Love” is another piece that presents the warmth and peace of being with someone you love. I love “Stand” by Jericho Brown because it examines the complexity of life; how it continues to move and change no matter how many devastating events occur. It illustrates life in its truest form- filled with love and pain and death and peace. The last piece is spoken- “Alternate Heaven for Black Boys” by Danez Smith. Smith’s line “paradise is a world where everything is a sanctuary & nothing is a gun” set my soul on fire.