Planning + No More Complaining

For some odd reason, I decided that taking 17 credits and and working two part-time jobs in one semester was a good idea. I know there are people who work and go to school full time and they deserve all the credit in the world, but damn have I had a hard time waking up the past few days. My class schedule itself isn’t as difficult as last semester and I’m enjoying taking Japanese again! However, I’m quickly learning how to balance six classes, two jobs, an off-campus apartment and cooking all of my meals while trying to get a good amount of sleep.

Any time I feel bad for myself or whine about getting out of bed, I watch this video of 18-year-old Gaspar Marcos- an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala.

Gaspar came to America alone after both his parents died and has worked extremely hard to make a living. He wakes up every day for school and heads straight to work right after. Gaspar washes dishes at a restaurant until 2 a.m., goes home to shower and sleep and wakes up three hours later for school. This is not just a rare occurrence- Gaspar sometimes goes days without sleep. If I’m complaining about working 9-5 on weekdays, imagine how exhausted Gaspar feels? It’s easy to get caught up in how anxious, stressed or tired I am, but I’m glad I found an inspiration in Gaspar so I can recognize how privileged I am everyday. I hope Gaspar’s story will help you to realize how lucky you are too.

Because I have so many assignments, meetings and athletic events to remember, my Medium Agenda in Marble, Jade has become my lifesaver. Due dates and test dates tend to creep up when there’s so many other things to remember. I’ve always loved planners but have never been diligent with tracking all of my projects and exams, but this year will be different. I started out by writing down my work schedule (don’t want to show up to the wrong job on the wrong day!) and all of my family and friends’ birthdays; by the way, I still owe you a present, Megan! Next, I filled in seasonal vacation and no school days. As I’ve gone through my first couple days of classes, I began to write down the final exam days in December even though it’s still the beginning of school. Lastly, I note every important quiz, homework assignment or project that’s listed in my classes’ syllabi. Even though my workload will be insane this semester/year, I can’t wait for what’s to come!