Perfume For Nails?

There are many innovative products and formulations in the beauty market but the most interesting so far is the Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes ($5). Nail colors have been released left and right with different textures, shades, and formulations, but this one really sparked my interest. The classy packaging is very reminiscent of perfume and the wide brush makes application very easy. There are many different colors and “scents”, but the one I went for is a pale yellow called Fresh Linen. Upon application, the scent wasn’t very noticeable until the polish dried. I found that the polish went on very thin and streaky, which was unfortunate because the color is so pretty. It took 3+ coats to make it bold enough to see the actual color. Because it took so many coats, the polish dried in around 2 hours. It smudged very easily and now with only 3 days of wear, it’s begun to chip and crack. The scent has still lingered for the past 3 days, but if I put my fingers by my mouth, I can taste the bitter scent. Although the idea of the polish is a good one, the actual formulation sucks. I would recommend spending the money on a Sally Hansen or even an Essie shade for a couple extra dollars!

Have you tried the Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes? What were your thoughts?